Howard’s Morning

Example :

needed       walked            rained

/Id                /t                    /d


The clock radio played /d soft music, but it sounded /id far away to Howard. At last, he opened /d his eyes, rolled /d over, and looked /t at the clock. He turned /d away and started /id to go back to sleep when suddenly he realized /d that it was already eight o’clock. He was late. He jumped /t out of bed, quickly shaved /t, brushed /t his teeth, combed /d his hair, and got dressed /t He’d wanted /id to take a shower, but decided /id that there wasn’t enough time. He rushed /t down the stairs and into the kitchen. He hated /id being late. Hurriedly, he fixed /t breakfast coffee and a toasted /id English muffin (no time for his usual fried /d egg) and raced /t out the door. He started /id his car and had just pulled /d out the driveway when the thought popped /tinto his mid: it was Saturday; he didn’t have to go to work after all. He slowly returned /d, climbed /d the stairs, changed /d his clothes, and went back to bed again.

How is the <ed> ending most commonly pronounced ?



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