English Conversation

Tio       : Hei whats your name?

Mia      : My name is Mia, whats your name?

Tio       : My name is Tio. How old are you Mia?

Mia      : I am 21 years old. And how old are you, Tio?

Tio       : I am 25 years old.  How old are your parents?

Mia      : My father is 50 years old and My mother is 5 years younger than My father. She is 45 years old.

Tio       :  Do you have brother or sister?

Mia      : Yes, I have one brother and one sister.

Tio       : How old is he?

Mia      : He is 26 years old. He is 5 years older than me

Tio       : And how old are you sister?

Mia      : She is 17 years old. Anyway, I heard you just have a baby?

Tio       : Yes, I do. She is so beautiful like her mother.

Mia      : So nice. How old is your baby?

Tio       : She is two weeks old.

Mia      : She must be so funny and beautiful as well.

Tio       : Indeed, she is.

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